What It Takes to Make Sound Judgments as a Leader

Friday, July 30, 2021

Making judgment calls is part of our everyday life. But some judgments weigh more than others. At work, this task is especially difficult for leaders.

When faced with difficult decisions, a leader’s sound judgment is challenged. Making sure that discernment and level-headedness are applied when making a tough call is essential to good leadership.

Some leaders might not recognize how their judgments might be unfair. This can be very telling of their leadership and management style. Having sound judgment is an essential skill for leaders, and this is crucial for their teams to synergize and succeed.

How can leaders make sure they maintain sensibility and impartiality when making judgment calls? Here are a few ways.


A leader should take the time to filter the information required to make a decision. To do this, it’s best to not be too critical about what you have to process.

Having the proper resources before at hand making a judgment call will help you assess the gravity of the situation better. It will also show you the possible drawbacks of your decision. Be all eyes and ears when looking at the situation and all its angles.

One wrong assumption can cost you the right decision. Make sure you maintain a constructive mindset over a denigrating one. It’s best to operate on the basis of compassion and respect.


Before making a decision, look back at your business goals. What are your company’s vision and mission statements? Let this guide you before everything else.

Hearing all sides and weighing the pros and cons of the circumstance are parts of your decision-making process. But the most important thing you have to remember is you shouldn’t stray from what your business is looking to achieve.

Learn more about the trade-offs that will be involved once you make your decision. Determine whether the benefits will be worth it. Decide which problems are better alternatives than others. You won’t always win, but you should try your best.


If you feel like you still have a lot to learn before making a big decision, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is a learning curve to making judgment calls as a leader, and it’s fine to acknowledge when you’re not feeling ready for it.

Seek out a mentor or another leader in your field and illustrate the situation to them. Listen to their assessment and use it to hone your perspective. You can also read resources for your specific industry to know more about how things work.

There are people who have already been in your position. Learn from them and give yourself room to grow. This is all essential to becoming a good leader.