3 Steps to Leading When You’re Feeling Terrified

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

In a leader’s life, there always comes a time when a very challenging task is thrust upon him and his team. He has no choice but to take on a fearless leader role and push his team to work harder.

But not all leaders are equipped to flawlessly endure these challenges. Some have no choice but to put on a brave face even though they themselves are afraid.

The burden of motivating employees when their task is daunting falls on the leader. When the leader is uncertain of how his team will be able to pull through, it can weigh everyone down.

How can a leader remain strong despite feeling afraid? Let’s go through some steps that can help

Step 1: Build courage

When we feel fear, we automatically think of ourselves as cowards. In reality, it’s not that simple. We fail to see that it’s a perfectly normal reaction for a person who is in a scary situation.

It’s not easy for any person to overcome their fear. Even if others tell you to just get over it, it will take work. You don’t have to force yourself to deal with it in a way that will please others – do it in a manner that you can handle.

Acknowledging your fear is important. It’s how you can start building up your emotional courage. Start by pushing yourself to recognize this fear as normal, and not let yourself get lost in it. It’s possible to feel the fear without letting it consume you.

It’s possible to feel the fear without letting it consume you. This is how you become more courageous and ready to face every challenge. If you don’t let the fear control you, you will be able to think clearly and act on what needs to be done. You can still inspire your team members.

Step 2: Be process-focused

It’s easy to be too focused on the result you are aiming for that you might end up forgetting to think about how much work you have to do in order to achieve it.

When you constantly think about the outcome of your challenging task, you might end up feeling bogged down by its immensity. What should you do?

It’s best to focus on how you can get it done. Direct your attention to the process, and concentrate on the work you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

Teach yourself and your team members to direct their energy towards working efficiently and strategically. This way, the task at hand will seem more manageable and you will be able to work for what matters most.

Step 3: Communicate better

After you build up your courage and learn how to focus on the process, make sure you’re able to set things straight with your team members. They are all probably afraid like you – make sure you tell them that you’re there to help them, and you’ll all work together to reach your goals.

Collaboration is key when your team is facing a challenging task. It will be improved when you all have clear lines of communication with each other. Be more proactive about checking in with your team members so that they will also feel more comfortable coming to you if they need anything.

Even when your team works in a fearful environment, you need to remain clear with your vision. It will also benefit everyone if you are able to empathize with them in this situation.

Most importantly, as a leader, you should be able to provide direction. Show your team members where you’re headed. Give clear instructions that will help them get there, and give them a reason to believe that they can do it.