What is business rescue and turnaround?

“Rescuing an organization, is about confronting the critical factors that are threatening the survival of the business.  In most cases, the solutions and results needed reside beyond the management team’s ability and can only be resolved by experts.” says our turnaround expert.  The key words are “confronting”, “critical factors”, and “results”.

Boldly Confronting Issues

Due to the severity of the tasks to be accomplished, most internal management teams are poorly equipped to make the harsh decisions needed to turn their business around.  Only experts in business rescue and turnaround with an extensive and proven track record should be hired to confront the urgency of the situation before it’s too late. When risks are high, and margins are slim, there is no time to waste and no chances to take. That’s why Momentum’s expert consultants must be brought in as early as possible in order to intervene and address the difficult situation head first.

Addressing Critical Factors

A turnaround can not be conducted from the comfort of a corporate office.  The root causes of the problems can sometimes be identified through a secondary accounting analysis, but more often, the real issues are discovered by performing a more forensic search of the organization, its operations, its customer service approach or its sales & marketing systems. Initially, our consultants roll up their sleeves, work on the ground, in the trenches.

Creating a Results-Driven Culture

Rescue situations are symptomatic of deeper issues. Simple decisions of the past often turned into the today’s disastrous situations. As Momentum’s experts work to fix immediate challenges, they also strive to install new cultural and organizational processes to ensure better results in the future.

No matter how difficult any business situations may appear to its executive management team, given enough time, Momentum’s turnaround experts, with their proprietary methods, can fix many of the worse business challenges.

Time is of the essence.  Contact us now to explore different options.