The healthcare vertical market continues to be an opportunity rich focal point for organizations interested in diversifying their interests. Momentum Consulting Group’s healthcare practice leaders have established an outstanding track record of guiding organizations to successful entry into the healthcare market. From software and IT consulting firms to capital equipment and component manufacturers, our clients have benefited from Momentum’s ability to assess, develop, implement and execute strategic business plans, whereby establishing and ensuring long term sustainable success within the healthcare market. As you contemplate opportunities for growth and diversification of your organization, Momentum Consulting Group’s healthcare practice leaders can provide insightful initial consultation to determine if the healthcare vertical market is a viable path to accomplish your corporate initiatives.

Areas of expertise include:

Market Study and Opportunity Assessment
• Strategic Business Plan Creation
• New Product Development
• Acquisition Evaluation
• Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Contracting
• Sales Force Creation & Training
• Distribution Establishment
• Corporate Messaging

Available Services

Capabilities Assessment

With the strong near and long term opportunities that the healthcare / medical vertical market present, many organizations are looking for ways to participate. Whether your organization is interested in initial due diligence regarding entering the healthcare market or assessment of current initiatives, our industry experts can evaluate your organizational capabilities and create high level business plans to identify points of entry into this high growth vertical market.

Strategic Market Analysis

Through the initial discovery process and verification of high level opportunity for your organization in the healthcare / medical markets we can perform “deep dive” market analysis. This process will outline specific product and service opportunities within various layers of the market, identify the competitive landscape, and provide actionable plan options to accomplish your organizational goals for entering the healthcare / medical space.

Organizational Creation

Whether creating a new healthcare / medical business unit, or overhauling an existing under performing group, our decades of executive leadership experience can assist you with creation of a lean and effective organizational structure to tactically execute this important initiative. Scope of work can include everything from from business unit structure, creation of position profiles within the business unit, and tactical recruiting and attainment of necessary talent.

Marketing Strategy / Sales Training

The most critical aspect of a successful business unit is creating a message that clearly communicates your value proposition to your existing and prospective customers. This “story” needs to be clearly and consistently communicated through broad based marketing and branding efforts all the way down the elevator presentations given by members of your sales and distribution organization. Our group can provide you with an effective go-to market strategy and all of it’s necessary components from branding standards, to marketing strategies, and creation of sales presentations and training materials to ensure that this critical message is clearly and concisely communicated regardless of the medium.

Strategic Sales Leadership

With all of the necessary components in place for a successful business unit, many organizations still struggle with execution of the plan. Many times due to the unfamiliarity with the new vertical market our group can offer both initial and ongoing leadership in the sales process. This ongoing participation assists in securing of new profitable business and contracts and provides a consultative sounding board to your sales organization as they begin navigating this sophisticated industry.

GPO / VA Contracting

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) and the VA System can be major sources of opportunity for organizations interested in increasing their revenue within the healthcare / medical markets. Unfortunately the complex process of securing these valuable contracts can be overwhelming to most organizations regardless of their knowledge of the industry. With over 20 years of success in securing GPO and VA contracts for a wide variety of organizations our group can assist you in navigating this process with will lead to substantial access and revenue opportunities to some of the industries largest customers.