Business executives are increasingly looking at Sustainability as a critical challenge and opportunity facing their business today. Momentum Consulting Group’s staff has over a decade of experience partnering with organizations of all sizes to define and implement a sustainability framework aligned with their overall corporate strategy. We are devoted to helping our customers understand how a triple bottom line focus can benefit their business and establish a clear ROI. The combination of economic, environmental and social components creates a new paradigm for analyzing your company and driving future profitability. A clearly defined and implemented sustainability framework allows your company to be proactive while adding total value to your organizations bottom line. Momentum possesses the knowledge and experience to guide your organization through an integration of sustainability concepts that will differentiate you from your competition and drive future innovation.

There is a vast difference between having a green program and being a sustainable business. Successful execution of complex sustainability initiatives has a transformational impact on your business and interaction with all stakeholder groups including clients, employees, suppliers, partners, local communities and Wall Street.

Momentum delivers sustainable value through:

• Cost reduction
– We will calculate your carbon footprint and find ways to help you do more with less by eliminating waste, reducing your energy usage and promoting eco-efficiencies. These cost reductions produce a positive ROI and add to the bottom line.

• Stakeholder engagement and training – When implementing a sustainability program, it is important to include the entire supply chain including employees, suppliers, clients and other partners. We provide training and change management resources to assist your transformation.

• Mitigating environmental risk – In this era of increasing government and industry regulation, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of opportunities instead of being forced to react.

• Driving new innovation – Sustainability provides a new framework through which to view your
business and results in increased communication. It is very common for new products, strategies and techniques to develop this increased collaboration.

Momentum Consulting Group’s sustainable business experts will partner with you to align your sustainability strategy with your core business values and goals. Whether you are starting from scratch, facing a specific challenge, or looking to bring your existing program to a new level, our sustainability services can help you identify bottom line cost savings as well as competitive advantage in the marketplace

Available Services

Outsourced Sustainability Services

Momentum Consulting Group works with corporate, local government and higher education clients as an outsourced sustainability service. We can provide your organization the knowledge, experience, and abilities of a senior-level Chief Sustainability Officer without the burden of a full-time salary and overhead. Your organization will instantly have access to experts with years of proven sustainability experience at a fraction of the cost and risk of a full time hire.

Resource Management

In this age of volatile and rising energy prices, it has become imperative for businesses to learn how to do more with less. Momentum Consulting Group will help your organization eliminate waste, become more energy efficient, conserve resources, lower your carbon footprint and reduce overall operating expenses. This practice extends beyond your organization and into your entire value chain.

Compliance and Risk Management

Environmental regulations coming from government and industry are changing rapidly. Momentum Consulting Group can help you stay ahead of the curve so you are proactive instead of reactive, giving you a competitive advantage.

Sustainability Reporting

As sustainability becomes a fixture in your organization, it is crucial to communicate this information to your customers and stakeholders, without engaging in Greenwashing. Momentum Consulting Group brings experience in CSR reports, GRI reporting, letters to stakeholders, press releases and weaving your sustainability strategy throughout your annual reports.

Life Cycle Assessment

In order to understand the full economic and environmental impact of a product, it is important to consider the entire life from cradle to grave or from raw material extraction to end of life disposal. Momentum Consulting Group is adept at performing LCA’s to assist organizations in understanding the true costs and impacts associated with a product.

Sustainability Strategy

Forward thinking organizations have realized that sustainability presents one of the greatest opportunities for creating competitive advantage in the business world today, and that it is no longer enough just to have a “green program.” Momentum Consulting Group possesses the knowledge and experience to guide your organization through an integration of sustainability concepts that will differentiate you from your competition, drive future innovation and align your sustainability strategy with your corporate goals and values.

Green Innovation

Momentum Consulting Group is skilled with helping organizations leverage existing assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable revenue growth. We can assist in building employee skill sets, fostering cross-creation teams, and training your employees on the basics of sustainability so they can actively participate in carrying out your sustainable strategy.