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Technical Projects Expertise

Most companies fail to ask the most important questions before implementing a new system:

  • Is it even feasible in the first place?
  • Do we really need it?
  • Is there a better option?

This is the reason why we’re offering our technical project expertise so we can discuss and vet the feasibility of the project, understand the purpose of the project, and find alternative ways to ensure you get all the important questions checked before you even invest your time, money, and attention on a new system.

Scoping projects

Make sure you implement your new system right and make it run without problems the first time around.

When scoping projects, we’ll:

  • Identify the ideas of the project to create a baseline to clearly articulate and define what is required for the project
    Determine what points are “minimal requirements” versus “would like to have” capabilities
  • Meet with all parties to agree on project functionality
    Establish a relationship with the project group and communicate with them on a regular basis about progression or setbacks with your project.
  • Determine Project Resources
    Locate all parties needed to complete the scope and determine availabilities
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    Define each parties role and define expectations
  • Timeline
    Plan and understand the timeline and delivery expectations
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    - Provide a list of each step of the project with responsible parties and timelines
    - Analyze and manage list to attain timeline expectations
    - Identify the sizes of the project steps and focus on larger pieces and work backward to the smaller pieces which utilize resources
    - Review the WBS regularly to determine the progression in terms of schedule and budget.
  • Document completely
    - Understanding the original plan and any needed changes that are identified to complete the program.
    - Document changes in writing and share to project group
    - Update documentation to communicate to the pertinent parties to update all schedules, timelines, expectations and team interaction
  • Testing
    - Internal testing to assure accurate project functionality
    - Customer offline testing if available until satisfied and provide a go-live date.
  • Production
    Schedule time to enable completed project in production or live

Implement That New System Right The First Time Around

New systems can accelerate the growth and performance of your company—if done right.

Without proper installation and management in place, you’ll be looking at a new problem that costs more than what it earns you. It’s a business risk that you can’t afford in the long run.

Make sure you get it right the first time around by getting your FREE Technical Management Consultation with Momentum today!