Infrastructure Design

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Momentum Consulting Group Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based firm that conducts business in over 38 countries on six continents throughout the world.  One of our primary focus areas is building corporate infrastructure which allows businesses to establish sound operating principles to drive their business success.  Additionally, we develop and implement strategies that create revenue sustainability and profitability.

Our role is to guide and support them in developing all corporate operations and management systems. This includes organizational design, business process definition and documentation, education, and development and system architecture.

We have a team of seasoned professional Momentum employees, most with over 30+ years of hands-on, practical experience in manufacturing environments, across functions such as finance, procurement, education, maintenance, and operations to establish business systems that are predictable and repeatable. We will also provide guidance on messaging and communications, business culture development, and short- and long-term business development.

In doing so, we will utilize a disciplined project management approach that ensures milestones are identified and progress is measured on a regular basis.

The following sections describe the detailed programs that Momentum will ensure to build a Business Entity:

  • Has a detailed route plan including efficient fuel burn and checks (resource utilization and verification) – Business Planning Development & Execution
  • Gets the right people in the right seats at the right time and supports their development along the journey with robust HR, Culture and Education, and Development
  • Builds a global brand through communicating the company's vision and progress on the journey - Messaging and PR