4 Ways to Define Company Values

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

In every organization, it’s important to establish meaningful company values. These guide employees in making decisions in their day to day tasks. These values also help promote a binding company culture that drives everyone to perform.

Defining your company values must always include input from your employees. This way, you know that your values are already embedded in your organization, rather than imposing new ones on everyone.

If you want your empltoyees to stay committed to your company values, you have to ensure that these values are things that everyone share. They must always reflect the behavior of your team.

Let’s take a look at how you can approach this in order to foster an ideal company culture.

Nurture successes

You will notice that your team will exhibit certain behaviors when a client is won or when a goal is exceeded. This is one thing you should strive to maintain.

These moments are valuable to your employees. Everyone feels good when their efforts pay off. Therefore, they’re more inclined to keep up those kinds of behaviors in order to keep winning.

It will be easier for them to uphold your company values if they already share those traits. Pay attention to their successes and watch them imbibe your values on a daily basis.

Come up with shocking rules

Creating a shocking rule can be a way for you to guide your employees, no matter how much your organization changes. It’s one way to give your company a unique identity that will make it a worthwhile place to work.

This shocking rule should reflect your company’s mission. For instance, Facebook’s shocking rule that is part of their company values is “Move fast and break things.” It’s because their mission is to upend the status quo – and look at how they do it.

Your shocking rule must be an embodiment of your organization. It should also leave an impact on your employees’ actions. Keep it simple and memorable, and use the language that you all speak at work.

Let your values evolve

Your company is not static. Therefore, your company values have to adapt as your organization changes. You will need to redefine them when it seems fit.

For example, you might find that your company values seem to focus more on your outputs rather than how you can get them done. Your target market can evolve or even change. If your company values no longer seem appropriate, go ahead and change it into something that will help your team progress.

Discuss with your employees to see where your company is going. Find out if the company values need to help your organization meet new demands so you can all succeed in the future.

Reward those values

When your employees exemplify your company values, go ahead and recognize them. A lot of times, these values get pushed aside, so if you see a team member exhibiting them, feel free to reward them.

An employee that embodies all the things your company stands for can serve as an inspiration to his colleagues. By showing everyone that you value team members who represent your organization well, everyone will be motivated to do the same.

How can you give recognition? Besides acknowledging your employees, you can also offer perks. Whether it’s a meal voucher, a bonus, or an extra day off, you can choose from a lot of different ways to show appreciation.