5 Ways to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Friday, October 4, 2019

Do you know what drives employee satisfaction in your organization?

Your first thought might be money. And somehow, you’re right about that. It’s indicative of how much you value the work and dedication of your employees for your company.

However, if you understand just what kind of validation your employees need, you’ll know that it goes well beyond money. In reality, it takes a lot more than money to keep everyone motivated.

Sure, a pay raise is fantastic. But is it the only key to improve productivity among your teams?

Let’s cut to the chase. What do you think could be better than well-paid employees?

It’s happy employees.

It’s time to take a look at your company culture and how your leadership is able to keep your employees happy. If anything needs to be changed, make sure you do it for the benefit of all your constituents.

What can you do to ensure your employees are happy? Let’s take a look at five ways.

Avoid micromanaging

Any good leader should know that micromanaging is one of the least effective leadership styles across the board.

It’s understandable that leaders want to make sure that their team members are working smart. But how can there be room for growth when you don’t let them discover things on their own?

Employees don’t need their managers to be critical of every step they take. What they need is someone who can make sure that the progress they make is in the right direction. This is especially important if there are future leaders on your team – they need to make decisions on their own.

What should you do instead of micromanaging your team? Ensure that they have sufficient resources and be the resource when they need an expert. Learn to stay out of their way and focus on supporting them to realize their potential instead.

Provide proper feedback

Do you know how to address your employees’ shortcomings without nagging them?

There is a right way to approach your team members when they fall short of your expectations. Providing constructive feedback when you think their performance needs improvement is something that they will appreciate more than you know.

Are you the kind of manager who only provides negative feedback? You’re harming your team members more than you’re helping them. This will not only insult them, it will also demotivate them, and they might resent you for it.

You don’t want to foster negative feelings in your organization. Make it a point to address how your employees can do better, and show them how. A culture of proper feedback will be beneficial for everyone.

Connect with your employees

Never underestimate how maintaining connections with your team members matter to them. Who wants a leader that’s distant and unapproachable?

Good leadership means forging relationships with your employees. Keeping a “people over profit” thinking will help you bring out the best in your employees because they will feel cared for beyond what they can offer, thus motivating them to do the most for your organization.

Take some time in your day to check up on your team members and see what they need help with. Occasionally go out and have lunch with them. Have an open-door policy in place so that your employees can drop in anytime if they ever need help.

Maintaining a collegial relationship with your employees will allow you to get to know them on a more personal level. If the need ever comes up and you need to help them in their personal life, you can do it with ease.

Nurture office friendships

You shouldn’t expect your team members to make friends easily. Therefore, you need to step up and ensure that your working environment is a place that will encourage office friendships.

You can start by getting to know your employees better. Find out more about their motivations and learn some personal things about them. This will help you build stronger relationships with your employees both personally and professionally.

Letting your team members get to know each other will help them foster more transparent and trusting relationships. Why not think of ways to allow them to make connections?

Plan some team building activities for you and your employees. Ask if they want to try some activities and organize dinners and outings. Help your team members nurture the trust that they have for each other.

Give them credit

A true leader knows that giving away credit to his team is important to inspire them to be more productive than ever. How many managers can actually be this selfless?

By giving credit where credit is due, you are doing the best for your team. You’re showing them and your employers that you are all willing to help each other succeed, and let the company grow at the same time.

Your team members will be motivated to do perform well when they know their hard work will be validated by their leader. Keep bolstering their confidence and you might just see the best from them.

By focusing your energy on building your team up, you’ll be able to carry them – and the company – to greater heights.