How To Motivate Your Team

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

For most teams, it’s up to the manager to make sure they’re motivated in order to do their best and deliver great work. Making sure that team members are keeping both high morale and high productivity must be a top priority among managers. This is the only way to make sure work goals are accomplished and everyone feels fulfilled. Engaging employees is important in their personal and professional development.

What can a manager do to make sure his team is motivated? Not all styles will work for all employees. After all, each team member has different individual goals, motivations, expectations, and reactions. But there are surefire ways that can apply to all. These are just a few of them.

Cultivate work culture

Make sure you foster a great working environment for your team. A good organizational culture that shows you trust and respect your employees will motivate them to do great work. Build a culture that encourages positivity, proactivity, teamwork, and work-life balance.

Don’t micromanage your employees. Show them that you see them as capable adults who know what they’re doing. Let them know that you believe they can reflect the values, vision, and mission of the company. Communicate with them and make sure they’re equipped with the right tools and input that will help them produce high-quality work.

Reward great work

Of course, employees are hired to produce what is needed. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to recognize exemplary work. Your team members will appreciate it if they’re not seen as mere pawns that are expected to churn out output after output. They are valued for their skills and expertise, so you should show them that.

Make your team feel like their work is greatly appreciated by the management and by clients. Applaud them for meeting tight deadlines, working around client demands, or exceeding expectations. Show them that whatever challenges and stress they had to deal with is worth it. Don’t make it seem like it’s only about pleasing others. Allow them to feel fulfilled by their work, too.

Implement an open-door policy

Don’t create an image of yourself as an unreachable manager who’s never available for advice. Make your team feel like they are free to discuss with you and the rest of your members. Allow each one of them to share their ideas and concerns with you and everyone else.

Show your employees that you are open to sharing your expertise and learnings on the job. Ask them questions, too. Find out if there are any tasks they don’t like or if they want to develop their skills more. Be transparent and ask them for feedback as well. When you show them that you are committed to them, they will return the favor.

Give them purpose

We’ve heard it all before. More than the money, employees are seeking purpose in their careers. This holds true for most people, and you will definitely see it in the way they work and how they conduct themselves. If they display the desire to find fulfillment, help them in every way.

These employees deserve to be nurtured. They will contribute to the team and the company significantly because they’re dedicated and productive. Give them the necessary tools and help them get better at their jobs. Most importantly, allow them to grow. Show them that they are valued.

Motivating your team is a very personal task. For leaders, it’s essential to be capable of encouraging and engaging your team members individually. Learn how to strike a balance. With the help of executive coaching and training, you will be able to pull yourself up and push everyone to be at their best. Contact us today for your free consultation.